D’Angelo Russell Shirtless

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Coming up on the NBA Draft June 25th, former Ohio State Basketball – Point D’Angelo Russell Shirtless Photos.

Projected to be a top-5 pick in the draft.









Kawhi Leonard Shirtless

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With the recent finish of the NBA Finals, Spurs guard Kawhi Leonard.

Paul George partially shirtless

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A glimpse of what could be a nice sexy body of Indiana Pacers player Paul George

paul george


Kyrie Irving Hot Abs

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Shirtless Cleveland Cavalier showing off the nice abs after a workout, Kyrie Irving.

Instagram/Twitter pic of Kyrie shirtless

J.R. Giddens new shirtless photos

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Very sexy skin tone, and set of abs on this professional basketball player. With the new NBA season coming around, he sure won’t have a problem being in shape looking like this.

His tattoo’s are also nice on that light complexion skin!

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Dwyane Wade partially shirtless

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Dwyane Wade starting to remove his jersey after a practice during the off-season. Starting to play better, Wade will be an integral part to his Miami Heat this season. With that type of body, he is on the right team…HEAT!

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