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A lot of news lately about Kevin Durant and his “hidden” tattoo’s here are some of the photos people are talking about. Everyone pegged him as a clean image guy, and little did most people know he’s been adding up the tattoo’s on his abs and chest this all this year.

He has had 2 small tattoo’s of script on his chest since his younger years before college, but he has obviously stepped up his tattoo game! For some reason there were articles on yahoo were blasting him for the tattoo’s, we personally think tattoo’s are hott, and totally endorse Mr Durant’s decision to start getting ink’D!

This picture is sometime at the beginning at this past year of 2010-11 season:

And here are the after photos of what Mr Durant looks like:

Be what you want, and do what you want! Good luck Kevin.

Kevin Durant Tattoo, 3.1 out of 5 based on 36 ratings